Bad cervical mucous
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Helene - June 7

Has anyone ever been told they have bad cervical mucous? The fertility dr told me this is my problem and the only way to get pregant is insemination. Any suggestions other than insemiantion?


kc - June 8

I'm not sure what bad cm is. However, I did hear that you can take Robitussin cold medicine. (the one with no letters after the name) to help thin down the mucus. If you and your husband both take it thins his stuff too and makes it easier for the sperm to find their way to the tubes. I have tried this and I notice a significant difference in my cm. However, no luck getting pg. pregnant. I took double the recommended dose. If you try this only use the plain robitussin not one with letters after the name DM, ect. since it can cause birth defects. I hope this helps. Good luck


Helene - June 8

Thanks kc...I'll certainly give this a try!! Good luck to you too! :)



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