Anybody PG w/8.7 progesterone 7dpo
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Jackie - September 14

I have a 8.7 progesterone on 7dpo. I think I might be PG Has anybody carried a pregnancy after progesterone that low? We have een to somany Dr. and they all say something differant.


D. - September 15


If you are pregnant you need to have your doctor give you a prescription to supplement your P4. A level of 10 is what is needed at a minimum to sustain a pregnancy. That said, however, our levels fluctuate daily and maybe you caught it on the downswing. Also, was it really 7 DPO or was it CD21? Doctors tend to have us come in on CD21 based on the expectation that we all O on CD14. So, on CD21 they expect us to be 7DPO. But if you O'd, say, on CD18, you were really only 3DPO. That could make a big difference. Are you sure as to when you O'd???



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