am i pregnant
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Young Girl - April 30

can i be pregnant if i have my period?..i have been having all of the pregnany symptoms. Please help.


A - May 4

I have heard that you can. I am not sure though. I know though, that i had one last period when i was pregnant with my son. Have you taken a pregnancy test?


Amy - June 3

Yes, you can!! I have one child and when I was pregnant I got my periods until I was almost 4 months pregnant. Hope this helps!


Amy - June 9

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow from the last time I was with my BF and he com'd in me twice so I was sure of becoming pregnant. Though, I took a ClearBlue this morning and it was negative. Now, I started spoting this morning too and I"m not suppose to start till between the 12-13 of this month. Is it accurate? Am I NOT pregnant?? Help, please...


Amy - June 9

Yes, I took one this morning and the negative sign was very very light, but as of right now that I went to the restroom, I started my period already. What do ya'll think? Is there a big posibility that I will no be?? :-(



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