A question for post-pregnant parents
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Curious - July 24

I would like anyone's response if you've ever had a baby before. On average, how long did it take you to concieve? Just wondering because I am 21, partner 26, been off the pill for 7 months with regular unprotected sex. No family history of problems on either side. I havent been charting my cycle, but we have unprotected sex almost every day. I haven very regular periods since getting off the pill in January. Is this normal to not be pregnant yet, or am I just being paranoid?


hayley - July 26

well sorry but i have no children yet but i am trying.in average it can take a couple 1 year to concive with out having any fertile problems if u are not pregant after a year than u can seek medical help, but try not to worry it will happen give ur self time and enjoy ur partener ! gud luck


jan - August 11

we were same way, except we went unprotected sex for about 2 years, at my annual gyn exam, i spoke to my gyn about it, before running countless tests, there are things to try first. we talked about having sex in the morning when sperm are at their best. stop after the first ejaculation because it's the most potent. orgasm to help pull in the sperm to the cervix, stay laying down afterward 15 min. dont' do it in the shower or tub, don't do it standing up or woman on top, and dont' do it more than once a day. use ovulation predictor tests instead of charting, it's easier, no ky jelly or saliva or anything (they have pre-seed now that is safe for sperm) and try not to think baby making when you're doing it, make love and eventually make a baby she said, you know i don't know what we were doing or not doing, but i was pregnant the very next month (she told me to try for 3 more months and come back for the routine fertility testing, my husband too, thank goodness we didn't have to go! i hope i have helped you, i know that she really helped me!


angie - August 12

I have been pregnant 3 times working on my 4th. My first I got pregnant on my 9th day after af started. I ended up having a miscarriage. My second took about 2 months to conceive. Had c-section healthy boy. My third got pregnant on first try. Another c-section healthy girl. We are trying for our third child. I just had my IUD removed in June. We have been trying ever since. NO LUCK :( My cycles have been very short and irregular since I had the IUD removed. My OB put me on provera to induce my cycle again and get me back on track. I hope it works. I am also charting my cycles and using ovulation predictor kits for the first time ever. I hope it all works. I don't think that there is any guaranteed way to concieve. Everyone's body is different. I would reccomend that you call your dr. to see if they want to run some tests or try Provera. I would highly reccomend that you keep track of your cycles and use ovulation prediction kits. Just remember have fun with it or the intercourse will be like work and no fun for either of you. Good luck and God Bless.


hopetohelp - August 31

I have a 3 year old daughter and I conceived in less than a month with her. Now I have been ttc for 6 months and still no luck. So it all depends on so many different factors and each person is different. I wouldn't be worried just yet, but you should see your doctor if it will give you more peace of mind. Hope to help. Good luck.



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