Did anyone here tried OVULEX and got pregnant?..
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merjem - November 19

Did anyone here tried OVULEX and got pregnant?..


jknutt1 - May 24

No, but I looked the company (Selmedica Healthcare) up on the Better Business Bureau website and there were complaints, mainly about their "100% refund policy". Also they aren't members of the Better Business Bureau. It makes me a bit reluctant to order....


kristina1980 - July 7

I'm trying Ovulex right now. I am on my first bottle, so I'll see. I'll let you know if some miracle happens. good luck


hopeful-for-one - July 17

I am on the last bottle of a 3 month supply with about a week left & I have had no results. I would like to hear the complaints that others have had against Selmedica though.



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