8 days late + 3 neg. test
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Bonie - May 17

My husband and I had sex a day before I ovulated. I'm now 8 days late took 3 test, neg. Should I wait to take another test? Blood test? Aren't the urine test good enough by 8 days late?


lyz - May 17

i also have all the signs of pregnancy (have a son so i know) including a late period and i definately ovulated. i took a really sensitive test the day before i was due on and it was neg. i was devastated, but now after a few more days im not so sure, apparently its possible to have false negatives up to 8 weeks preg which i never knew! so if we ovulated and were not on our periods there is a good chance! let me know how you get on xxxxx


Amy - June 3

I would suggest to wait maybe another week and take the test. They can be very sensitive and come out neg. If it does come out neg I would go and see your doctor and she can do a test at her office or get a blood test.



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