14 Days after IUI, Are the signs say we are or not!!
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Shan - October 31

Hi there!! read all the posting it my first time here!!, so happy to found a place where we all are in the same boat, i have been TTC for 9 long years and suffer from PCOS, this is my first IUI, i had my shot on the 17 Oct, now on day 14, but after a few days of the first shot i been having sore breast and nipples... since then.. Two nights ago i woke up with heavy cramps and still suffering from mild cramps and also it hurts when i go toilet or past wind... please some out there help... dont know much about this iui... am i due for a period or am i... also i was scard can it be etopic pregnancy?? very confused, had no idea i would feel so crap Help... Thanks and baby dust to you all!


Toni - October 31

I think we are trying to get you on our other thread? But I had some cramps on 7dp iui and then on 14 dp iui and mine was bfp. Have you taken a test yet? It could be af or preg.


Shan - November 1

Hi Toni,
I did a blood test today to see if i ovulated today!! already did a pregnancy test and it was neg!!:( sorry im not aware of the terms, AF and BFP.. this is all new to me.. i feel really cold alot.. dumnna wats going on.. called the nurse today but its like they really dont care, she said the only thing is to wait! i tried looking for the other place you and ali are at, but coould not find you, will you send me a link? on [email protected].
Many thanks,, Loads and loads of baby dust to you!! hope your dreams come true!!


Toni - November 4

Shan did you get your results from your blood work? It's most likely too early to be doing hpt. Cause don't you do blood work on day 20? I don't know how to send you a link. Just go to problems getting pregnant on the regular forum. It's called NEW HOPE THREAD, TONI AND ALI



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