where to get unprescribed clomid?
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mystie16 - December 28

Im debating wheather to buy unprescribed clomid. I know a lot of women on this site has bought it and had success. Can somebody please tell me where to purchase it from should I decide to do so? Thank you so much!


z - December 29

There can be complications with this medication (or most any other). Some of the complications can lead to cysts and enlarged and rupturing ovaries that can make it where you can NEVER get pg. Plus, you don't know what you are getting if you get this without a prescription. You really should be monitored when you begin taking this medication. Why don't you just go to the dr and lie about how long you have been ttc (if the truth won't get you a prescription)? It is still cheap with a prescription, too--only about $45 for a month's supply. It would be much safer for you. Good luck.


jene - January 5

go to google and type in unprescribed clomid and it will bring up sum websites. but i would strongly recomend you visit ur doc first


j - January 11

This plays with your hormones and there is severe limitation to use over a period of time. I would recommend see your OBGYN first as they will have an associated monitoring protocol to make sure the drug is doing good and not damage. Plus, it is really used to help a women ovulate who does not or has a prescribed problem with hormones their RE/OBGYN is trying to fix... be careful.


JessicaG. - February 16

I think you should go to your doc, or maybe try a different route, you do not want to hurt yourself or what chance you may have, be very careful.


peg - June 8

No one is answering her question, just preaching. Try medsmex.com.


Emma5151 - February 2

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - 24tabs.org
I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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