what happens next?
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birthdaygirl - October 12

Hello ladies,I'm new here and I'm looking for people in or have been in same or simlar situation as myself,my hubby and I have 2 girls age 5 and 3.. We have been struggling to ttc for 11months with our third...as my other 2 were concieved quickly I knew after 4months there was a problem,blood tests,scans and months later iv been advised I have 1 poly cystic ovary and 1 “ normal functioning” but I don't seem to be ovulating on my own. My dr has now refered me to a gynochologist,my appt is next week, I no the 1st appt will just be a general chit chat so he can see the bigger picture,but what should I expect next?how long until I'm given clomid?my dr mentioned testing my hubby which as all the evidence seems to be pointing me isn't that just wasting time? Has anybody else been in this situation? What happend? Many thanks for listening and wish everyone every success in ttc and pregnancies.xxx


mia korodov - November 21

"Hi there! Welcome on the forum. You seem to have a small and nice family. I'm glad for you.
About your condition - I think the gyny will be better able to tell what's next as the process can be subjective and varies from case to case. It's just one week, be patient. I'm sure things will work out for you. Please share what the doc said and what will be the suggested protocol. GL"


wellspringivf - June 21

I will suggest you to consult Infertility expert, where they will tell the real reason behind your problems. PCOS is one the reason for infertility, but you can be pregnant despite of this by taking IVF or surrogacy treatment.
Stay positive and follow a healthy lifestyle.



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