What happens if.....
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crystal - April 14

What happens if you were pregnant but you didn't know and got a Depo Shot. Does to baby come out deformed?


Krystal - April 18

Relax. If you haven't already got the shot, then don't. If you have, relax. I was on orthotricycline for 3 1/2 months of my pregnancy with my son and he's fine. Don't worry about the things that you can't take back. If you have other habits or medications and think that you are pregnant go to your doctor and be completely honest.


feliza - June 24

from what i know, if the fetus is exposed to shot, there is a chance that it can harm your unborn baby. so if your're planning to have a shot make sure to take pregnancy test first. don't take any risks that could harm you or your baby.


jaya - September 11

no it won't harm the baby at all.. i've been on this road before, i didn't know that i was 2 weeks pregnant when i took depo shot. my baby is now 3 years old and very healthy.


guada - September 11

it does affect the unborn baby. i was a month pregnant when i took depo shot.
i gave birth to a healthy baby but later on we discovered she has many health issues.


natasha cole - January 24

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