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AmySue32 - August 14

I'm almost 33 and have never been pregnant. I have pcos and endometriosis. Over the last 6 months my periods have been more consistent than ever. My average is about 39 days. Prior to this I was lucky if I had 5 periods a year. My question is my gyno tested me on day 21 for ov in April & May both came back (-) however I think I'm ovulating later in my cycle. Is this common with pcos? Btw my periods have became more normal because I have lost some weight and started exercising


jannetsss - January 29

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alexis brown - November 19

Hi Amy! It is good to know that your periods are back on retain. It is all due to your effort of losing weight and exercising. You need to have a few more tests to know the time of your ovulation. It will make easier for you to get pregnant at that time. Keep trying and do not lose hope. Much love!



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