still negative hpt
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katiebug5n8 - February 19

I have been trying for a while to conceive and have been having some really weird symptoms. Heaviness in the lower belly, feeling sick unless I am eating, hungry all the time, and a really strong craving for milk(I hate it) I was supposed to have af on Saturday and I tested on Wed. and got a bfn. I tested again on Sat and got another bfn. I am one day past when af was supposed to be here and still having those funny feelings. Has anyone ever gotten a bfp several days after when they were supposed to start and what was the longest you had to wait until you did?


Bezzaismyname - August 27

Hi Katiebug5n8, I didn't necessarily have that problem, But my sister went four months, without a period before she had a positive preg test. At that time her hormones where very weak and undetectable, So i know that you can go for a long time without a period and a neg test result, if you don't get your period after two months and your periods are usually normal, I would go check with your doctor. You could be pregnant, or there might be some thing wrong. Good luck!



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