starting fertiliad, and having pcos any success?
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[email protected] - March 11

help ttc and purchased fertil-aid wondering if anyone had success.


Nikki101 - March 12

I never used fertil aid but ive used fertility blend most people say they are similar. Fertility blend did regulate my cycle because it had gotten off track a little, but it didn't help me conceive i had tried it for a year. Goodluck


Nikki101 - March 12

if you dnt mind me asking how long have you been TTC?


[email protected] - March 12

oh ok how long were you taking fertility blend and did you get preg?


Nikki101 - March 12

i had took it for a year and no i did not get pregnant.


[email protected] - March 12

oh you should definitely keep trying, and my symptoms r irreg periods,acne than no periods at all lonq periods n the worst symptom not ovulating:(


Nikki101 - March 13

i have stop taking it now, it's kinda expensive to keep buying it every month. Ive tried one iui and it didnt work also, im just gone keep trying natural a lil longer hopefully it would happen. i know its going to happen.


[email protected] - March 14

what is an iui? and the natural route is always better pls keep ttc nikki101 much luck to you my dear


Nikki101 - March 14

thanks for the encouragement, im keeping the faith to keep trying natural. an iui is when a Dr. insert washed sperms in the uterus with a cather its not painfull but its just that i really want DH and I to conceive naturally without meds. Babydust to u.


[email protected] - March 14

woow you learn something new each day u helped me understand those things i thank you very much and baby dust to you:)


Nikki101 - March 16

Ur so welcome, I learn something new everyday also it's because I research about fertility everyday because so many things change and it's always best to stay informed. Baby dust


[email protected] - March 16

it is definately good to b informed u gave me a big nudge of hope cause i wanted to give up reading all the stories and receiving information makes me have faith!baby dust to all :-)


Nikki101 - March 18

I know d feeling of wanting to give up I fell dat way every time AF shows up but for sum reason I didn't get depressed or upset wen AF came dis month, I hope dats a sign dat I'm going to conceive my bundle of joy soon.


[email protected] - March 18

hey nikki101 whats an af, i hope your bundle of joy comes soon too :-) i've been taking the fertil- aid i purchased but idk well i have mad energy plus my acne is clearing up but duno yet waiting, i think ima purchase one of those ok cause idk when that happens praying and crossing my fingers.


Nikki101 - March 19

AF is Aunt Flow lol, it mean your menustral cycle. Do you take opk's? I do sometimes, i also have a fertility monitor that tells me when im about to ovulate and when im not ovulating, it was expensive i paid like $300 for it, but the regular opk's work fine too, it just was hard to me to understand them sometimes because of how the lines was thats why i had got the monitor. Babydust, i am so determined that this will be my year to conceive natural.Keep us posted


[email protected] - March 19

Lol i like that,aunt flo but i bought an opk yesterday and tried one out and i really did not know how to read it ima have dh help me out cause he is good at those things lol and i will definately keep you posted oh by the way ithink the o test was negative one line was a darker purple than the other (smh)baby dust to u hun!


Nikki101 - March 20

i am starting to get so frustrated, i don't know if i should go ahead and just do IVF or to just wait. Has anyone ever done IVF?



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