Should I have the lap done?
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Jenner - February 14

I recently went to my OB/GYN for pain I was having during sex. I thought I might have endometriosis as my hubby and I have also been trying to get pregnant for several years. I was pregnant once last June that ended in miscarriage. Anyway, after discussing it with the doc, having an ultrasound including a vaginal one and a short exam my doc thought that I do not have endo mainly because I don't have severe pain with my periods and they are very regular (although it comes about every 30-33 days but regularly). The doc said she would do the lap but really felt that it wouldn't show anything. She feels that my pain during sex is because I have tipped uterus...I was never told that before. The pain I have feels like my hubby is bumping into something during deep thrusting pentration and it is very uncomfortable. I've had pain for several years now but never thought anything of it until I found out about endometriosis since I have been trying to get pregnant. I also have a very sensitive cervex. I bleed alot during pap smears. One touch of my cervex and I bleed. I've also had that for years and everyone said that is common and not worry about it since my paps always come back normal. Anyway, my doc says she will do the lap if I want but feels it won't show anything. What do you guys think? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks....


JenG - February 15

Hi Jenner, You are seeing an OB/GYN? Have you considered seeing a Reproductive Encronologist? How long have you been trying with your DH? I would see a RE to do a full workup on you before proceding with a surgery option. A Hysterosocopy exams the uterus and can tell you alot without opening you up. Just to give you a perspective, my DH and I have been trying for 2 years and only got pregnant once that ended in miscarriage at 16 wks. We have been with the RE for 6 months and are not yet at this option.


Jenner - February 16

Thank you JenG. No we have not been to any fertility doctors yet. My insurance doesn't cover it and we would have trouble paying out of pocket right now. I am concerned actually about the pain I am having during intercourse though. I mean infertility is definately an issue too but sex would be more enjoyable if it didn't hurt. I am worried that the pain is the sign of something more serious.


BW - February 21

Pain during sex is one indication of endo. I have been told that some women experience a lot of pain and some women dont- no matter the level of endo during their periods. Also, if you have pain while you are on your period and you use the restroom, that is also an indication of endo. I didnt know that until i mentioned it to my doc. That was before i had my lap done. I think it would be a good idea to have the lap just to rule it out. Me and my ex tried for years to have babies. My body just wouldnt keep them. Good Luck!


Jenner - February 23

Thank you BW. Have you had a lap done? What was your expierience with it? Do you have endo and what symptoms did you have if you do? If you don't mind me asking that is. Thanks for your advice.


merlin - February 23

Hi, Jennifer. I suggest that you see another GYN, for a second opinion on the endo issue. My DH and I have been trying for over 3 years. When my original GYN suggested a lap for endo, I decided against it because I didn't have any pain. So, I went to an RE, who also suggested a lap. He told me that pain is not a good indication of endo. Some women w/ lots of endo have no pain, and some w/ only a little endo have lots of pain. There is no way to know without seeing it (a lap). In the 3 years that we have been TTC, the Gyno did a intravag. ultrasound and found nothing. The RE did 2 ultrasounds months apart and found nothing. I had a HSG and an ultrasound in a Radiology clinic (they specialize) and nothing was found. Recently my DH told me that I had been complaining of pain for a couple of months (I had not noticed) and wanted me to see a doctor. I had changed gyno's and it wasn't time yet to go in, but I did. New guy suggested a lap thinking endo or a cyst but did an ultrasound (that lasted 45 min) first. On this US, a huge fibroid was found to be causing my pain. By diffinition, a fibroid is a "slow-growing" tumor, meaning that it had been there for years, that was not found after 4 US at 3 different locations. I had a laparotomy (abdomenal surgery) to remove the fiboid and am now home recovering. My doc thinks that I should be able to get pregnant in 6 months now. I didn't mean for this to be so long. I'm not saying that you may have a fibroid. Just remember that you doctor is human only has an opinion. I suggest that you do some homework online about endo. You and only you can make the decision as to what happens to your body, be prepared with info. Good Luck


Jenner - February 27

Thank you Merlin and I appreciate your long answer. It really makes me feel better knowing other women are having the same difficulties as myself. My OB/BYN said she would do the lap if I wanted it done. I guess I am scared about having the surgery. The ultrasound I had done also lasted about 45 minutes and did not show anything. I have been doing a ton of research on line about endo and the more research I do the more I think I should have it done to at least rule out endo. Then I will know and can stop worrying about at least that part. Thanks again for sharing your expierience. I really appreciate it.


merlin - February 27

Hi Jennifer. I hope you find your answers. But if your doctor doesn't recommend the lap b/c she doesn't expect to find anything, she might not be the best doctor to do the lap. She might not look as thuroughly as someone else who expects to find something. Keep me posted. Good luck


Jaqi - March 4

Jenner, I would suggest seeing someone else and checking into the lap. I had a lap done on 2/8/06 and found out I had advanced endo. But like you, I don't really have the pain, minus the cramps at the beginning of my AF and sometimes during sex. They also found a very small fibroid (my mom has them) but they said it would not hurt anything. I also had an HSG done back in 9/05 and it showed tubal blockage. The lap confirmed that. I am now having to go through IVF. Please check into the lap with a good doc that wants to help you, not to do it only if you want. Also, ask about PCOS. There is not really a test for it, but it's when your ovaries are not acting normally. They thought I had it but said I didn't. Good Luck!



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