shall I wait one month later to conceive after HSG?
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lea - October 17

I have just finished my 5th IUI.funny the doctor now start to say that I may need to take a HSG to see if I have my uterine tubes blocked.I am already 37.Before I started IUI they have checked my blood and general check with my system and says everything is ok.but no that normal?shall I wait one month later to start my 6th IUI after HSG?what your doctor suggest you?you can start straight away or need to escape one month?I am really getting crazy please I need your help.
Also according my file I just found that the blood checking is not in the third day and nothing about my LH/FSH:(sounds for me also not right.....


KellyN - October 18

I'm suprised your doc didn't get you to do an HSG before they started IUI. I'm doing IUIs too, but before I started any of it, they checked my tubes to make sure they were open. Should you wait? Tough question. If you don't wait, you'll miss an opportunity this month. Then again, if your tubes are clogged, doing an IUI is just a waste of time and $$$.


lea - October 19

thank you Kelly.I am also feel opset .because in the beginning they have taken my blood and also let me checked with utrosond and she said eveything is ok.So I guess is ok.I have asked the copy of my blood checking result to make sure all the no.s in order but she refused.she just said it was not the habit of the hospital to give all the copies to patient:( so I trusted her since I have no other choice.until this time they have moved me to another doctor after 4 times failed.the doctor asked me if I have done anything to check if my tunes were open?I told him all what have done dan he said I need to do HSG!!I am so angry about it .but I am using donor sperma I could not move out just like that.I even dare not to complain:(( because I have bought another
6 strokes sperma and which are storing in their lab...I am so sad if this time I failed again..
guess you are right no matter what ; I shall do it to see otherwise waste more time and money if blockage is the case..
my husband said he will start lawsuit but I think is stupid.just kind of waste time and energy and delay eveything again again....

thanks you



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