S&S of preg but neg HPT
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Nikki12384 - March 23

ok here is the thing i'm not trying to get pregnant, i found out i had PCOS when i was 19 and i'm 23 now..I have never had regular periods only when i was on BC.. i have not been on that for about 2 years now and for the first year i had normal periods untill about 8 months ago they just stopped.. my partner and i have been having unprotested sex for the last 6 months i am not worried about getting pregnant caus ei have not had a period and if it happens it happens.. about 2 weeks ago i started getting these terrible headachs and dizzyness i thought i was the hartburn meds i was taking i contacted my DR and she said that they would not cause this and my mother had me take a HPT and it was neg i di dnott hink anything of it i thought she was just havinf wishfull thoughts, the dizziness lightend up but he headaches stayed about the same not eveyday but once or twice a week i would wake up with it and i would ahve it untill i went back to sleep that night.. well this past saturday i noticed that my nipples were very sensitive and that is not normal for me at all.. sunday moring i started my period or atleast i thought by sunday afternoon nothing did not even have to wear a pad. nothing monday. tuesday started to spot again but nothing mor ethan a pannty liner needed.. here it is wednesday and nothting at all took another HPT test and it was again neg, but symptoms other than the spaooting are still here.. ok so know that i have explained the situation with having PCOS and my hormones are out of wake could this alter a HPT results .. i have not experiecned any of this before so i'm kinda confused.. i do not have insurence so i do not want to be running to the DR if there prolly is not a possiblity of me being pregnant i mean if the insane hormones due to the PCOS would not alter a urine test.. if anyone could help me that would be great thanks so much



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