Question about IUI's and fertility drugs?
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MelnBob - January 14

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for one year. We have gone through all the infertility testing everything came back fine. I have been in for the past two months for blood work to see if I was ovulating. Results have come back good. Now on Monday I will be going for my first IUI. I have read other forums and I have not read about anyone doing any IUI with out a fertility drugs...does anyone have any opinions?


lenka - February 7

Hi! I had my first child from the first insemination without any drugs. I was 30 years old. I guess it is depends on a right time and good sperm counts. Wnen I did it my doctor did not want to come to do insemination on weekend and ask me to wait until next day but I incist and got pregnant. I am 39 now and have a difficult time to conceive without drugs... Good luck for yoy!!!


iampg - February 7

HI, throwing in my 2 cents worth - it came as a recent shock to me that my husband confessed he wasn't sure he was ejaculating "all the way" - so our ttc for a year wasn't accurate. How many times did he fake it? I dared not ask that. I decided to take the guess work out of the situation and have him hand me the sample every other day in an instead cup ( then I insert it like a tampon. It's a lot cheaper than IUI if you don't have insurance coverage for it. when I've done this for a full year and still no pg then I can honestly say we tried for a full year! laugh. I bet the fertility clinics don't like do it yourselfers like us giving away a secret for free. "you can get pg if you're under 67 and willing to do IVF" is the latest medical paradigm. anything less is trial and error. good wishes!



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