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Rachel5 - July 23

I've been through a number of prolactin tests and all time sbut one it has come up just slightly elevated. I've had an MRI to check for a pituitary tumour and that was pretty much negative or inconclusive, also had a glucose tolerance test to check for PCOS and that came out normal too. My thyroid test came out fine. So basically the endocrinologist firmly believes that medicaiton is not required to bring down the prolactin level and that it won't affect my fertility. I ovulate and have regular monthly periods so that is why he does not feel it is affecting me. Some people are misdiagnosed with hyperprolactinoma all the time when really they have "macroprolactin" which just means big prolactin molecules or whatever and it has no bearing on anything. So in 3 mths I go for more prolactin tests and this time the lab is to check for macroprolactin. HAs anyone gotten pregnant with slightly elevated prolactin levels?? I am to see my fertility specialist on Wednesday so will see what she thinks about all this cuz I faxed her all the info already.


emaan - November 13

i have a history of high prolectin and doc always put me on parlodel and i realise no on ementioned this med but now this med is giving me side effects like blackout .nausea and dizziness.i think i should ask mt doc for another med.


emaan - November 13

rachel i know many people who become pregnent once the level goes down to normal but i think it will be bit of a struggle compared to someone wothout problems.prolectin should be normal to doc told to try before i am let see what happens.



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