Progestrone levels & Clomid
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Kat15 - May 13

Hi, I am on Clomid, took it last year and on first go got pregnant, unfortunately miscarried at around 9 weeks. Had D&C early Jan and now back on Clomid, 2nd cycle, had internal scan day 14 and had 3 large follicles measuring 25! had pg level check on day 23 of cycle and was 147+, now at day 27 of cycle - could I be pregnant - any help/advice gratefully received


RHolley - July 17

Your levels look very promising. I m/c in Feb. at 7 1/2 weeks and used clomid to try again. Got pg, but m/c at 4 1/2 weeks. My progesterone level dropped from a 20 to a 2.0 in a week. Tried the gel suppositories, but still m/c. I don't think my prog level has ever been as high as yours. I think you could be pg!!!! Let me know what happens. Maybe it will be triplets!! :)


jjjenny - August 9

Hi Kat15, How did you go?? been a while since your post, hope all is well.



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