Premature Ovarian Failure
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islabfly - July 11

I was diagnosed with pof at a early age. Now 29, married and desprately want to have children. I was given clomid by the doc. My Question is how do you know that the clomid is working? I have horrific side affects, Hot flashes, Pain in my breasts,Pressure and movement in my abdomin, moodiness, eating more, always thirsty and vaginal discharge(waterworks!!!) Does this mean the clomid is working?


Sann - July 12

Hi Islabfly : ) I haven't tried any ov meds yet, still trying to find out more but I read many women have side effects similar to yours. I hope it works for you : ) Let us know : ) Good luck : )


kellbell - March 5

I was diagnosed with POF in October a the age of 27 and we did IUI last month and clomid 100mg w/IUI again today. The way we knew that clomid was working was by the ultrasounds of our reproductive embryologist (re)...I went there 3x since friday for blood work and ultra sounds. Good luck to you



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