Pregnancy and Age
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Donna - April 27

What are the chances of a 46 yr. old woman of convceiving?


jimbob - June 19

slim and none.


Justine - June 21

It may still be possible - a fertility blood test at the doctors can give you a good indication.


Dee - July 15


I know of one who is currently working on exactly that. She was in menopause with an FSH of 86. After working with a doc in Jersey, she's actually O'ing again and her FSH is something like 7. So, it's possible. But you need to find someone to work aggressively with you.



karel - July 16

I am 45 years old and 11 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy is unplanned and a real surprise.


K - September 11

congrat karel !!!!!! I am 32 and ttc for 10 years with no luck and P.C.O.S ,NOW WE ARE ADOPTING!
Dont give up Donna


Isabel99 - October 14

Hello Donna! As woman crosses 40 chances of conceiving are very low. But, unless you are infertile due to some major reason there are still chances that you may get lucky. ????
I know a lady who adopted. Another of my friend used medications for the development of healthy eggs. I went for surrogacy because that was the solution for me. Just stay postive. Xoxox


Neha5 - October 15

Of course, these are generalizations. "Age and maturity do not always rise proportionally, and some women in their early 40s may be healthier than their 20-something counterparts, thanks to excellent lifestyle habits," says San Francisco-based pregnancy and postpartum psychologist Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. "Everything depends on the woman's health, energy, personality and perspective on life." While you can't change your age, there are steps you can take to boost your odds of having a happy and healthy experience, no matter how old you are. Here's what you need to know.



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