Pregnancy after Tubal recannulization/Selective Salpingograp
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Jen - June 2

My HSG showed my tubes were blocked so my doctor scheduled me for a tubal recannulization and Selective Salpingography. After the procedure the nurse told my husband that the procedure was %100 successful. The radiologist told me that both of my tubes were now opened. Unfortunatley, I was to druged up to ask any questions. Has anyone had this tone before. Were they unable to block your tubes and was it sucessful? Ihave found little info on this procedure and don't want to get to hopefully that I am all fixed up and ready to get pregnant now. My RE consultation is not untill the 16th inorder to discuss the results but I am dying with questions now. If anyone has had any expierience with this procedure I would love to hear about it. Thankes


sonyia - July 13

i just had this procedure done on 7/11 and came out with one tube open. better than both being closed so now i'm wating to see what happens next. how are you doing? did you get preggo yet.


Jen - July 17

No, still not pregnant yet. I am glad I did not get to hopeful because when i talked to the doctor he wanted me to have a Laporoscopy. I had a Laporoscopy a few weeks ago and I had endosalpingiosis on my right tube. They removed my right tube and I still have my left tube wich the doctor said was now open and fuctioning well. This will be the first month that I should ovulate on my left side so, I will keep my fingers crossed. It is all so frustrating. I hope you have some luck.


Diana - July 28

I'm considering this procedure, just found out I have blockage in both tubes this past Tuesday. Could you ladies walk me through the procedure and tell me what to expect?

I've already had 4 children and no tubal problems in the past so I'm kind of stumped as to why my tubes even appear blocked. I'm going in for a repeat hsg tomorrow morning so I'm praying that maybe the tubes were just in spasm? I'm not getting my hopes up to high though and that's why the questions about the procudure.

TIA for any help you could give me.



Monique - October 24

Can any of you tell me if an hsg is painful? I believe I heard it was... Thanks!



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