polycystic overy
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urmila som - June 20

how harmful is polycycstic overy to get pregnant?


skeeter - July 2

It's definately a road block. There are things that can be done to help though. I'm on Metformin 1700mg/day. I'm currently taking Femara and Ovidrel as well.


shy - October 27

hi,no body knows the reason why pcos occur n how much harmful it is for preg.there r so many ppl with pcos have got preg without any treatment n at the same time there r so many ppl who have not conceived with lots of treatment.it all depends on body nature.my mom was a pcod case but she gave birth to 3 kids with out any treatment b'coz she was not able 2 efford for treatment at that time.where as i have pcos n trying since 2 yrs with lots of treatment but till now no results.don't worry n believe in god,i feel only he can help us for pregnancy rater than medicines.


susan_peet - April 21

I have pcos and have had it since I was 18. It has been going on 5 years my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. I have been on all kinds of fertility drugs and really none have worked. I was able to concieve with the help of hcg shots. 3 months later I had a miscarriage. and have not been able to concieve since. I just have had ovarian drilling done, and I am hoping that that will work. I only have two options left. I can do and IUI or and Invetro... after that.. I dont know what I am going to be albe to do. Im only 25 and I really want to have a baby. My hope and faith are starting to become far and between.

good luck in all you do. :)


VickyWantababy - January 4

Answer: Hi I have Pcos , I did Femara after ttc for 10 years and got pregnant on the 2nd cycle ,prior to that I had a M/C on 10/06 got pregnant on the 2nd cycle of Femara and hcg shot and I had the happiest most perfect 9 months of my life and on Nov 15,2007 I had a beautifull ,healthy BabyGirl her name: Destiny, and Unfortunately due to negligence she passed away 1 hour after delivery,I never got to see my baby alive,after pushing for 2 hours and a half and nothing happening I had a c section done but they put me to sleep completely and they didn't let my husband in which he had the camara and the reson for that is bc they knew that they've done somthing terrible and they did not want us to see it, she was beautifull I miss her dearly , and I just hope that they didn't took my last chance of being a Mother also bc that would be devasteting for us, I'm doing a little better now I have my moments ,but I'm looking for the future and hoping that I will make it again not to replace her bc that will never happen ,but just to finally be able to have a little one with me in my arms while My precious Baby Angel watch over us...For those of you who are pregnant ,Please,Please!!! check your obs records and how long they've been in the practice and make sure they are not too young, and also Please search really good on the hospital you chose and make sure but make sure they have a Nicu and are ready to help a baby that comes out with a little trouble...Trust me I know what I'm saying unfortunately...Now I just hope I can do it again and I know the Lord will help us and our Little Angel will too..I love her very,very much and I kow that one day will be together again to never fall apart ever again..God bless you all, Keep the faith,Don't every give up on your dream and keep on fighting and keep on goind is all worth it believe me...


Longing for a baby - February 3

I am so so sorry Vicky, I can't even begin to imagine how you and your partner must be feeling. My thoughts are with you xxx


amh - February 6

I feel for you Vicki, I can't even imagine what you must have went thru. I pray you will be a mom soon, you deserve it. :)
As I was once told, God always finishes what he starts, so you will get to see your angel once again :)


carebearjm - February 23

Im 24 years old and I was diagnoised with pcos at 18 , i tried clomid and metformin and it didn't work , so i had gastric bypass surgery 6 months ago to help get the weight off, well ive lost about 70 pounds am at 178 today, i stopped birth control pills 2 weeks ago and am just gonna let nature take it's course, i hope i get pregnant soon because weve been tring so hard for over 5 years


fungirl - August 29

hi i also have PCOS and i am trying to get pregnant from last 6 months. i am on 3rd cycyle of clomid 50 mg still no success in get pregnant so i am hoping this month i will get pregnant.... my doc asked me to do 6 month course of clomid so just wishing best .......... and yah PCOS is a road block if u wanna get pregnant for some woman.


fungirl - August 29

i am really sorry vicky and i pray to GOD that HE will bless u with a healthy baby soon........


November - September 14

I am 26years old and have had PCOS since I was 14yr. Ive been on clomid and metformin but clomid did not help ,know I am taking puregon injections to perform a IUI next week. I was really stressed at first but then it got easier for me I started thinking stressing out was not going to help me get pregnant so know Iam just taking things one day at time, plus my husband is very supportive and understanding he's in the medical profession so he's very positive


Rue - March 8

so sorry viccky had tears coming down my cheeks as i was reading your post i pray God gives you strength to go on every single day and that you will be a mother again. i have also ttc for 2 yrs eventually went to the doc said i had pcos i am 25 i have been taking clomid50mg but its not working so my doc suggested that i have a laporoscopy done but my hubby(works at the hospital) said like were we live they a no good docs so my be we will have to look for one in another state. i am so scared that may be we will never have a baby in our life, am scared of the laporoscopy, and the other thing i just cant handle any more is all our friends have babies and they a always asking why we do not have 1 yet i think i would be fine if they did not have to remind me to have a baby all the time it just makes me feel so low and wonder why its happening to us . my hubby is so supportive is always saying that i dont have to listen to what they say and he says that i shld not question God why it is happening to us coz God is in control and he knows what we a going thru i believe a miracle will happen at the right time .So to all you ladies going this never lose hope becoz the lord is with us


Comet - March 9

I've been trying to get preg for about 4 years, im now on clomid & metforman, this is my 5th month and still no luck!!!


babywishes09 - June 8

Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm 24 yrs old. and the DH is 29. We've been married for almost 4 yrs.and have been ttc for 3yrs. now. I was just diagnosed with P.C.O.S. this past March. My doctor took some blood tests and determined that my hormones were normal even though I had cysts on my ovaries on my U/S. She put me on 50mg.of Clomid last month and my progesterone indicated that I ovulated but it wasn't a strong enough level. Needless to say, when I went in for my 28 day U/S and pg.test it came back neg. and my AF~aunt flo decided to rear her ugly face. I was crushed. No first time clomid success story! Anyways, this month my obgyn. has me on 100 mg. and I'm now on CD.18 of my cycle waiting for Wed. when I can go get my prog. blood work, hoping and praying this is my cycle and that we are Pregnant!!


Jen30 - January 29

Hi, there is a difference between polycystic ovaries and polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS is where you don't ovulate regularly, and have other symptoms like weight gain, unwanted hair growth etc.... this needs meds like clomid/femara to make you ovulate.

Polycystic ovaries is just where you have cysys on your ovaries. I didn't realise this and thought i had pcos but my doc said that most women do have some cysts and the ones i have are small.... and shouldn't cause any problems with fertility. Have you been diagnosed with something?



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