pineapple good or bad???/
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pinky - October 20

i read in these posts that eating pineapple is goog to conceive how??//


KellyN - October 21

I've heard that too, but have not seen any studys on it. They say it helps the egg 'stick' to the uterus. Not sure how. I'm going to try it this month though. I'm about to ovulate, and dh went out and bought me some nice fresh pineapple to eat this week.


pinky - October 21

ok i will ask my doc about that too


gigi - October 21
it before taking it///////


gigi - October 21
It is believed that raw papaya and pineapple can induce abortion due to the enzymes it contains. But there is no scientific evidence to support this belief. Cashews and cantaloupe are safe to be consumed during pregnancy.


pinky - October 21

i read in this website that it is good before pregnancy



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