PCOS and on Clomid
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kearly - October 12

Hi ladies - I'm actually on this site again after a long break due to having my daughter thanks to clomid. i'm looking for some support for trying on round 2, but saw a lot of women here in the same boat and thought i'd share a positive story. i have pcos as well. i am thin and from what i understand and experienced, being thin with pcos is tough b/c the insulin resistnace is not there so there's no hope of treating that portion and then getting prego. anyway, i went on clomid and kept getting put on higher and higher doses till it was pretty high. i can't recall anymore, but i think it was much higher than most need. anyway, i finally ovulated on clomid. and the first time i ovulated, i was pregnant with twins. i love one VERY early on which is normal, but now have a healthy and beautiful daughter. clomid is a savior and just stay hopeful b/c it might take a while till you find the right dose of clomid that works for you. i'm going to try coming off the pill in 2 months and have been working on a low GI diet just in case i can help things along. i got an excellent book though. it's the PCOS diet book and i love it. i highly recommend it. anyway, good luck to everyone ttc !!!!!!!!


kearly - October 12

sorry, meant to say i "lost" one (as in the twin) rather than "love" one :-)



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