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India - April 2

does ovulex work? pls if any info ive been ttc for almost 2 yrs


dire straights - September 20

I have been on ovulex for a few weeks. Although it takes time for your body to adjust to it.And keep in mind that everyone is different. I have heard different things about it but decided to try for my self. Also, for those that were wondering about prenates and folic acid...you do not have to take these suppliments along with the ovulex.So far,the pills have gotten af regulated...so i hope its working. I will keep everyone informed on the progress. By the way, I am 41.. :-)
So,,we will see if it really works..lol.
Baby dust to all !!!!!!!!


desperate - November 19

Do you have any luck so far, dire straights?


leah - July 21

how help get prengat ouvlex help love to have a baby no money


Bridget76 - February 6

New thread on this go to



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