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Brandi-Lynn - April 23

Hi there! has anyone had any luck with Ovulex? I've been reading lots about it and getting positve and negative feedback. Has anyone on here had any luck with getting pregnant while taking ovulex? Im low on female hormones and rarely get a period so i cant get pregnant on my own but was thinking of giving ovulex a try in hopes that it would work.


acedrama - August 16

I am currently looking for info on this drug as well. I am 30 recently married and trying to conceive. I have been pregnant twice but was not successful. I found out I have PCOS, my left tube is completely out of order and I am currently on glucaphage( hate it ) looking for natural alternatives


sugar99 - November 22

i am currently taking ovulex for 22 days and have no infertility problems no idea why we can not conceive as my hubby is healthy . side effect i have had sleepy for first week and changed cycle form 28 days to 29 with heavy bleeding . must be my last day tomorrow and still talking it. pls let me know what u are up to. ta



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