newly diagnosed with endo - help
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Holli - July 21

I am 22 years old and just had my second laparoscopy and am diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. I am very concerned about being able to have children, my husband wants to wait but I am scared to. I just want someone out there who is experiencing the same thing to talk to, I have already had ovarian cysts in the past and now this. I just would really like some insight and maybe encouragement...I can't imagine not being able to be a mommy


Joanna - August 3

I understand exactly how you feel! My husband and I are ready but I pray that our wait won't be indefinite. I want to be a mommy sooo badly! Sometimes I just cannot imagine going through life without any knowledge of what it feels like to be pregnant or to have a child of my own. Good luck and don't give up. I know that it's frustrating but hang in there.


AM - August 3

Hi. I again know how you feel. i have been diagnosed with endo too and we have been trying for two months. If I was to give you any advice, if you are ready for a family just start trying. My gyni did say it could take longer then average. I ahve read doing pilates is good for endo and I'm also going yoga classes to relax myself. Also mapping your body temp and using OPK I find useful. Good Luck and try and stay positive. I find different days of my cycle I am positive then when I'm around ovulation i am not so strong and I am envious of other women who get pregnant just like that, but that I realise stresses me out even more and obviously not helping, so i've tried to keep my emotion to myself especially with people around me who are pregnant and I find reading and talking on thsi site really helps.



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