New here, clomid adventure I'm starting?
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bozapappadd - November 10

Hey, how are you? I hope you find my words helpful. My neighbor took the procedure of IUI. One neighbor got surrogacy treatment in an efficient way. You can have them from a clinic in Ukraine. They have amazing and pocket-friendly packages. All your problems will be solved If GOD wills


icanorrugo - November 10

Hey Jessica How are you? I think your health is the ultimate treasure. It is important to take it seriously. I can understand your situation. Anyone would be worried about suffering from the situation. Everyone loves child and want them to become a beautiful part of life. You can have your own genetic baby by another woman's womb. This process is known as surrogacy. I hope you didn’t know about this that’s why you are thinking of Clomid. Or you can have IVF? You must go for surrogacy or IVF. One of my neighbors is a mother of twins after surrogacy process. IVF is very effective too. I will pray for you.Take care of yourself. Good luck! I hope you manage to conceive.


onefiqab - November 10

Hi Kriss.I do not know what to say after reading your post. I can imagine how stressed you are and you are very eager to get pregnant. Clomid is not a good option at this stage. If you are not getting pregnant so wait for the right time. If you are not ovulating now, so why are you in so hurry? It takes time, even more than a year. By having Clomid at this early stage you can have infertility problems afterward. So I suggest you restrain from it and keep trying for some more time.


onefiqab - November 10

Hi dear! You might be right about your fertility problem. Due to the removal of your right ovary and your age is affecting the fertility. Why are you going for IVF and just taking a risk? If you want to spend money to become a mother, why don’t you go for surrogacy? It always has successful results. Look at me. I am also a mother now just because of surrogacy. Ba-bye!


gapappeles - November 10

You are just thinking about having a baby at this moment. You are not looking at the odds and the side effects that this Clomid will cause you. You do not know even if you are infertile or not. But you can make yourself infertile by using Clamoid in so early stages. People even wait for 2 to 3 years and they finally conceive. If you do not want to wait that much then please do wait for some more time. I hope you will ovulate soon as you are young and you will also have a baby of your own. Just focus on your diet and stay happy.


gapappeles - November 10

Hello Jasmine! You are the first women on this forum that I have found with the same disease that I have. Now you will obviously understand that why you should go for surrogacy because we both are fertile and there is no other way to have our own children. Contact a clinic soon and get your appointment.


lahexuddo - November 10

Oh, girl! Do you want to do this? You really want to affect your health just because you did not ovulate in the first of trying for a baby. That’s not a big deal. Still, if you want to have a baby at least contact a doctor. If you do not have insurance then visit any private clinic. It will not cost you a lot. Only take the initial tests to know if you have any problem or not. You can easily afford that much. So do not look for other options like clomid because it can cause you problems. Take care.


lahexuddo - November 10

Hey Jasmine. It is a coincidence or what because I also have the same heart disease as you. I am so happy to find your post and I also feel upset for you. You have made the right choice by selecting surrogacy. I also had it done 2 years back and I have my own baby now. Simple tests are required to start off the process for example blood test, hormonal test etc. Tell me if you want to know something else.


enyfeke - November 10

Hi there, I think it's a yes. Someone told me that Clomid helps greatly in ovulating. Anyway, this is just my opinion. I'm just telling you what I've heard. It's always better to check with an expert doc first. Taking the prescribed and just right medics is very important. About spending money - I think that is not a good thinking. There is always a chance that Clomid isn’t right for you. It can even prove to be harmful, no? Isn't it better to visit a doc now than visiting it then? You might as well have to spend more money at that time. People around the world are getting so many complications these days after taking drugs on their own and not consulting a doctor. Better safe than sorry I say.


enyfeke - November 10

Hi there,

I see it's a very old post. I would just like to get an update on your IUI, Ingrid. Did it work?



mia korodov - November 21

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can only hope and pray that things get well for you. Also, I think Clomid might not be a very good option here. This whole process takes time. I'd advise being just patient. Best wishes!



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