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Brittany jones - May 29

i took my first depo shot the beginning of june last year and i havent taken one everysince. my periods started back regular last year in september. me ang mt boyfriend has had sex without a condom and i havent gotten pregnant the last time we had sex was 2 weeks after my period can some one tell me whats goin on


Jessica - June 8

Brittany, I'm sorry I don't really understand your question. You took the shot last June, and never again? You're saying you've had unprotected sex in the past and never conceived. Last time you had sex was 2 weeks after your period? Tell you whats going on with what? I'm sorry, I don't understand. I can tell you that's its not a good thing that you didn't follow up on your shot. And if you had sex 2 weeks after your period that's ovulation time. the good news is there is a very small window of opportunity to get pregnant, if that's your fear, espeically if you were on the shot prior to that, it takes a long time to get out of your system. Hope I helped.


djeny - June 24

i think she's wondering why she still haven't got pregnant even if she's having unprotected sex? am i right brittany?


daniella - July 6

the best time to get pregnant is to have sex during ovulation. if you are not able to make the right timing then you are not going to get pregnant even if your period is regular.


natasha cole - January 24

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ilenannug - November 9

Hello Brittany. Don't lose hope just yet. It can sometimes take months. One failed attempt is no need to be disappointed. Don't give up. Keep trying. Also, try to keep track of your monthly cycle. This will help increase your chances.



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