metformin and clomid for infertility
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shy - October 27

hello friends,i am new to this site n very happy abt ur answers n really inspiring n getting confidence.

i have pcos which was detected in husband n myself r very keen 2 have baby.till now i could n't n doc has prescribed me metformin and ll b prescribing clomid after 3 months n today is the third day.i dont have any symptoms except slight abdomenal pain some times.before prescribing this tablets he did a blood work n said that my testostrones are bit high and also that i am an average case of pcos.i want to know the chances of getting pregnant from this tablets.i am bit worried n very anxious 2 become pregnant,plz help me .


ileshaS - October 3

Hi shy,
I too have PCOS. I am currently on my second round of clomid, and have been on metformin for months. I did clomid and avandia years ago which resulted in an early miscarriage, so my husband and i are hoping this time round will work out for us



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