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catline - March 5

I've just been diagnosed with PCOS and im just about to start Metformin 120mg a day. Does this sound like a very low dose or is it normal to start with?


k - March 8

Ask this question under the "problems getting pregnant" forum. More ppl go there.


Joanne Power - July 16

can i take metformin and fertility blend at the same time


shy - October 27

hey cathline even i have started metformin since 3 days and my doc prescribed me 500 mg ,1 tab each day n after 2 weeks 2 tab eack day .this is how the dosage gets increased gradually till 2000 mg for 3 months n in addition clomid ll b given for ovulation and pregnancy.i heard many ppl get ovulated n get preg by metformin itself. i am hoping for the best n all the best for u tooo.


LeannaR - September 13

When my doctor prescribed metformin I started with 2 500mg tablets a day and when it didnt give me a period she moved me up to 3 500mg tablets a day and I got a period for 3 straight months but that was it so I go in on the 18th and she will up my metformin dosage and start me on chlomid. She says that the combination of the two drugs is safe and she will probably even keep me on it if I ever do conceive for the first few months of pregnancy.


susan_peet - September 25

yes that is a very low dose. They usually start you out on 500 and then you work your self up to 2000. Good luck with that.



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