Meformin and Spotting - your advice please!
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Deb - November 20

Hi, Question for those of you on Metformin. I took metformin b4, got preg. and had baby. Now were trying again, so for 2nd time i am on Metformin. This time is very diff then last, I got a very heavy period after 6 weeks of met, and for the next 5 weeks (till now) i have been spotting on and off. My ob/gyn says i should take provera. I dont want to take extra meds for no reason, and he didnt explain why. Did anyone have exccesive spotting on metformin? Did anyone hear of taking provera in middle (esp. being that i already got a period?) I am very confused and dont know what to do! (I have an appt scheduled with an RE- but its not for another 2 weeks). I would greatly appreciate your advice. thanks.


Kerri - November 22

I know this really doesn't answer your question....but did you stay on the Metformin for the whole pregnancy for #1 and at what dosage? What dosage are you on now?


deb - November 23

I was on it for the first 6 weeks of my first pregnancy. The dosage was 500 mg 3x a day, but i was worried it might affect the baby so i only took one pill a day. Now i am on 500mg 2x a day.



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