Leftover ivf meds
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Neha9865 - October 7

Hi! I have some leftover ivf meds for sale. All these were bought in USA. Looking to sell at 50% price what I paid. Have Gonal f 450 iu, menopur, ganirelix, lueprolite 2 week kit.


jyrrellukex - October 28

We all need to be a lot more responsible when handling drugs. Medications taken without a prescription can cause more harm than good. I would urge whoever is thinking of making this purchase, to think it through. The meds might be perfectly okay, but then again they might not be right for you. Always take medications that a doctor recommends for you and ones that you have bought from a proper pharmacy. Either online or in real life.


joporraffi - October 31

Hi Neha. How do these medicines work? I mean aren't IVF medication dosages dependant upon the patient? So how can someone use the drugs that were prescribed for you? Also, how effective were these medicines for you. Lastly, I also would like to know how many pills you have? Thank you in advance for the information.


Neha9865 - October 31

Hi Joporraffi, I have 5 unopened boxes of Gonal f 450 IU pens. Anyone undergoing IVF is prescribed this medication. When it comes to IVF medications there are just 2-3 different meds which everyone takes during there IVF cycle it is just that the dosage is different for every person. As you may know many of us do not have insurance coverage for infertility so we end up paying out of pocket for all meds and IVF. I also paid out of pocket for my meds. These meds are really expensive and have some leftover meds which I can give to someone in need.


joporraffi - November 7

Hello Neha. Thank you for this. A friend of mine recently started IVF treatment. I hope it is the solution she has been looking for. She has been fighting infertility for so long. She went to a clinic. They offer top-notch IVF treatment. She was quite scared at the start. The professionalism of the doctors convinced her though. She was prescribed some medications not sure about which one though. I will share this post with her. She can get in touch with you. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you both. Thanks!


Neha9865 - November 7

HI JOPORRAFFI ! I now only have 5 boxes of gonal f 450 IU left with me. I would suggest that if your friend is really interested in meds she can message me right away as I don't think these will last long since I am selling for really cheap. hit me up at jhalad44 at gmail dot com


erinniqam - November 7

Hey there. Like someone else already pointed it out that caution is needed. Medicines should be dealt with responsibly. I am glad that someone said that. Having said that, I am sure you know what you are doing. IVF does not come cheap. The visits to the doctor. The medications etc. They all can cost a fortune. Many people chose to purchase their meds like this. I just hope that both parties involved proceed with caution. The buyer needs to make sure that these are the meds they need. Meanwhile, the seller needs to make sure that the person buying them has been prescribed these meds. Stay safe everyone. Better safe than sorry.


ilenannug - November 7

Hello. I know of someone who could benefit from this. She was recently complaining about how expensive these meds are. She just started IVF treatment. She was excited at first. As time passed the bills kept rising. Now she isn’t as excited about it. I hope this will help her out. I hope they also manage to make these meds easily accessible. It’s not just the rich that are infertile. Everybody could use some help. Thank you for your part. Do let me know if these are still available. I will then pass on the details to her. Cheers!


jirrammissa - November 7

Hey there. I so no what you ladies mean. Infertility is hard enough to deal with as it is. They don’t need to make it harder. Despite that, it is exactly what they do. Higher than ever prices make it next to impossible for many people. I opted for surrogacy a couple of years ago. Even then there were so many bills. I found that it helped considerably to buy meds online. A long as you are careful its okay. Make sure you are buying the right med. Use them as prescribed. Having an insurance sure helps though. Unfortunately, many of these meds aren’t covered under it. I guess this is the only option available.


Neha9865 - November 7

Hi! I still have them as of now. They are welcome to contact me and depending on what I may have available will help them


jyrrellukex - November 8

You can't take medicines without a doctors prescription as it's not necessary what was prescribed for you will suit some other patient also.This is not the right forum to buy and sell products as we are all here to discuss our problems not to buy or sell stuff. This can cause more complications and can be life threatening also and please it's a public service message that doesn't take medicines without a doctors prescription.


geqasaffis - November 8

Hi Neha! I hope you are fine. I will request you and all other members of this forum, do not use medicines without doctor’s advice because it may be harmful to your health. Any medicines, whether it is natural or allopathic, must be used after consulting with the doctor. Usually, there are adverse effects of Medicines, that you may not know, but a doctor would know them. Some peoples buy the medicine from online pharmacies and just take them without doctor’s permission. People feel comfortable after using such medicines, but later on, they start facing the side effects. Even some people get addicted to those medicines. The doctors play their role in such situation. A Doctor can suggest you, how you can avoid these side effects. And the other thing is that this is not the right forum to buy and sell products. You need to find another forum to sell your stuff.


icanorrugo - November 8

Hello Neha. I hope to find you to the best of your health. How did you IVF procedure go? Were you able to conceive a baby? If yes, how was your experience? How is your baby? You must be happy about having your baby now. If no, are you trying for some alternate procedure? I think we all need to think thrice before buying medicines without a prescription. Medicines without prescriptions may cause harm. Not every medicine is suitable for every person. IVF medicines are given to the patient based on his condition. However, I would not recommend you, people, to buy or sell medicines online without prescription. It is just for your safety, my friends. I hope you people will not take me wrong. Thank you.


enyfeke - November 8

"Whew, I'm not sure if anyone's supposed to sell drugs like that. I've also heard that IVF treatment drugs are very much different and according to every patient's needs. Do consider that before you start selling and buying it online on forums.

Whoever wants to purchase online, be sure you find a legal pharmacy. A licensed one. This license is required by the pharmacists in order to do business online. Usually, this license is provided by the regional governing body. In case you are from the US, the pharmacy, if it claims to be local, should have license provided by one of the pharmacists' associations.

I'd like to add further that it's also important you consider where the pharmacy buys its drugs from. I mean like which retailer or distributor is the supplier for that pharmacy. This is to make sure that the distributor is also authorized.

Be safe!"


logullennyd - November 8

"Oh c'mon, I've never seen somebody selling drugs like that. I'm not judging or anything but this is not appropriate. Not even ethical.

Gals, don't consider buying it. You can buy online but always check that the drugs provided to pharmacy must be in a seal as produced by the manufacturer. This ensures that the medics have not tampered.

Further, by buying random stuff (just like our lady is selling it here), you put your and others' health and money at risk. No legal action can be taken if you are supplied with counterfeited or fake pills. Good pharmacies have a well maintained medical record of the customers with details. Consider checking it out first.

Wishing you all good luck!"


logullennyd - November 8

Hiya! My colleague from work has been taking it for 6 days I think since she mentioned it once. That really helped her. Though her parents were not happy with it. They wanted her to not do so since they believed these could lead to some complications as well. I'll be sure to check with her again and get back to this post with more accurate updates. Stay healthy!



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