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[email protected] - April 3

hello ! my first treatment was cancelled last month bcs of the follicle wasn,t balanced one was bigger and the other was small . my dr put me in femodene contraceptique tablet for two months it is possible for me to release the eggs bcs the femodene is to stop you release aggs so than you wan,t fall pregnant . 2 . since i took injection during my ivf treatment i,n seeng my periode just on 14th wish is my ovulation day and i start the femodene that was prescribed and the periode wasn,t like usual. only two days of spotis very small and dark . please i need help so than i will know what next step ahead . thanks elot God bless you . waiting for the answer.


pearlocean - November 21

Hi, It is a messed up situation I know. You get confused and frustrated. I also had the same situation one year back. I will advise you to visit some specialist who can guide you through this properly. They will let you know the root cause of the problem. It is a very sensitive method and you should take it seriously. Visiting some doctor and having a proper plan will help you. Hoping the best for you!


jessicaimon - November 22

Hey Banywesiz how do you do? I am really sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you get the best advice here. Why don’t you rush towards gynecologist? I mean your problem seems to be very severe. I think you should not waste your time. Take care of your diet and health. Stay positive. My prayers are with you. Wish you very good luck.


jaimeida - November 22

Hello dear. Hope you are doing well. As you are saying that your doctor started femodene contraceptive after the cancellation of your first treatment so I can't say anything against this medicine as a doctor knows much more than me. But I have read it somewhere like in side effects of this medicine that ladies utilizing this contraceptive out of the blue (or first time) may encounter menstrual abnormalities, for example, spotting, leap forward draining or missed periods. So, don’t worry about this is all side effects of this medicine. Hope my comment help you in some way.


joellejack - November 22

Hi! I don’t really have knowledge in the field concerning you but what I can tell you that femodene indeed does prevent the release of eggs. It also thickens the mucous that is the liquids keeping that area clean. If the mucous is thick it makes it very hard for the sperm to get through even if the egg is released. Femodene also thins the uterus wall, in cases when the egg gets released and the sperm passes through the mucous the thin uterus wall makes it very difficult for the sperm to embed itself and fertilise the egg. Femodene does make it very difficult for you to fall pregnant. If you are TTC stop the pill with the consultation from your doctor. Occasional spotting is common when you’re on the pill , so don’t worry too much about wish you best of luck and hope that I answered your questions


jerika - November 22

Hello. Sorry to learn about the inconveniences you're confronting. These are questions that can be best replied by your specialist. Counsel a fruitfulness master. Indeed, counsel as many specialists as you can to get a proper answer to your problem. Along these lines, you will get a moment conclusion as well. Call me excessively careful, yet that is the thing that I have a tendency to do.


alexis brown - November 22

Hey there! I know it is a very difficult circumstance for you. You get confounded and disappointed. I have seen many similar circumstances. I will encourage you to visit some expert who can manage you through this legitimately. They will tell you the main driver of the issue. It is an extremely touchy strategy and you should consider it important. Going to some specialist and having a legitimate arrangement will help you. If you will just keep looking for the suggestions from other people, then you are wasting your precious time. This is a serious problem that need to be dealt by a person who has knowledge and experience about it. I hope you are understanding my point. Discuss it with your husband as well so he also supports you in this hour of need. I hope next time you will come up with some progress report. Keep telling us about your journey.


britannyfurlan - November 22

Hello! I know it is an extremely troublesome condition for you. We all have ups and downs in our live, so you do not need to get too much tensed. I have seen numerous comparative conditions. I will urge you to visit some doctor who can oversee you through this. The doctor will reveal to you the fundamental reason of the issue. It is a very difficult situation and you ought to think of it as imperative. Setting off to some expert and having an honest course of action will help you. In the event that you will simply continue searching for the proposals from other individuals, at that point you are squandering your valuable time. This is a major issue that should be managed by someone who has information and experience about it. Talk about it with your better half too so he likewise bolsters you in this hour of need. I trust next time you will concoct some advance report. Take care and stay blessed.


sophie jenner - November 22

Hi dear, You're on the prescribed medicine as you told in your post so don't just worry about that if your doctor is a specialist and you trust him than just follow up his schedule which he is giving to you, Of course he has all the details of your case So I think the best option is following him and on the other hand what you just said about your period than you have to keep that in mind that you are on prescribed medicine of course something it should effect, just don't worry about that once you are finish with the process the problem is going to get away. Just try to use ovulation sticks for knowing accurately and consult this period and ovulation clashed thing with your doctor immediately.


mia korodov - November 22

Hi there! It surely can get confusing more than often. I understand that it's difficult to be emotionless in such circumstances. Femodene tablets are contraceptive pills, sometimes referred to as just 'the pills', taken before IVF. These pills are synthetic versions of the women sex hormones. The purpose to take them is to prepare your body for the treatment. Don't get scared. It's not really that daunting for an experience. It has some effects, not really side-effects, on your general body mechanism. But I think that's not very long-term. Your doc will be able to better assist you with this. My knowledge is very limited. I'm saying what I know or heard from others. I wish you the best of luck, honey. It'd be great to hear back from you. With an update, of course :) You are not leaving this forum or anything, right (lol)? Hope not. So, would you tell us about it? Thinking of you. Hugs!


beyonce - November 22

Hiya! I think I will second what a lady here said that if you are on the prescribed medics, you should not worry that much about it. This especially is true if the doctor is an expert. So, is your doc a renowned expert? If so, you need to take a chill pill. About the irregularity of the period... did you tell your doc about it? What did he say? Also, if you don't mind my asking, may I know your age? Have you had irregular periods ever before in your life? Nonetheless, I'd like to give a heads up that IVF journey can be daunting sometimes. Some find it way too easy and others have it terrible. I hope it goes smoothly for you. That is, in most of the cases, told by the doctors to the couples upfront. I assume your doc made you aware of this all as well.



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