IUI with clomid
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Isabelle12 - January 11

Um, I am really young, under 21. I started my provera, I'm on my 3rd day. I have not get any cramps or period. When will I get it?
They told me I will be on my clomid after my period. Then I will have IUI after.
I have no problems with my eggs, they are just irregular. I am using sperm donor from Midwest sperm bank.
I want to know about will I success at my first try? Since I don't have any problems with my eggs. I'm kind of scared. I need your help


pearlocean - November 20

Hi, it is good to hear that you have taken donor as an option. It is really a good step. As you are quite young I don't think this procedure will have any complications. You just have to take care of yourself. Just stay calm and focus. Wishing you best of luck for future results!


britannyfurlan - November 21

Hi Isabelle! All we can do is hope for the bet and at the moment you should also do the same. As you are telling that your egg count is totally fine and there is no other problem with your eggs then I think everything will be fine. Still there can be a probability of failure. So you should also know the odds. Keep trying and hope that everything ends well for you. Stay blessed.



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