Infertilty help please
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cvikrant - May 31

Dear Mam:

While searching through ur site i found out about ur free readings.i am not that rich i only want to know answer to one question of mine and that is:
1) will i ever become pregnant and deliver a healthy child?
2) if yes when will i conceive?
3) will i recover from my disease of endometriosis and fibroids?

my birth details r:
name mrs. charu singh
date of birth: 1st january 1975
day: wednesday
time: 13:42 pm afternoon
place: jhansi(india)

my husband's details r
name: vikrant singh
date of birth: 16th november 1975
time: 5:15 am morning
day sunday
place: moradabad(india)

Mam please take out some valuable time for me.
Even if u can't help me atleast write a yes or no so that i buid no hope of favour from u

waiting for ur reply



Isabelmason - October 15

I am Isabel Mason. Living in Canada. I day came in my life which snatched all of my happiness. When doctors told me that you are suffering from ovarian cancer. You will become infertile for the rest of your life. This fall on me like a thunderstorm. I felt broken. My two marriages broke due to this reason. This totally changed my life. My third partner is cherishing one. I seriously want to fulfill his dream of having a child of both of us. But it could not be fulfilled. Sometimes I think that if there could become a system that will manage everything. I blame myself for not having a desire for any child when I could give. I am abolished.


adney - October 16

Hello Isabel Mason, I really felt bad after reading that your two marriages broke because of infertility issue. I know babies make your bond stronger with your husband. However, males should understand that it is not under the control of women that she cannot get pregnant. I would suggest you to go for surrogacy procedure. It will help you to have your own baby. A surrogate mother will carry your child. Talk to your husband about surrogacy. I am sure he will support you for this.



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