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Estellla - December 18

Hello dear! I'm really sorry you have to go through such pain. I know that this is really hard to be strong in such situation. I had 6 miscarriages. I completely feel your pain. We have been trying to conceive for 8 years. These years were a nightmare for us. I am very lucky I have supportive husband. But his and mine parents make the situation worse. They can't stop asking when we will give them grandchildren. They can't stop blaming me in inability to have children. They can't stop turning my life into a nightmare. In such situation it is very hard not to give up and stop trying. I've changed so many doctors, so many hospitals. I've tried literally everything to get pregnant and the most important to save the pregnancy. Unfortunately nothing worked for me. We wasted so much money and nerves and got nothing in result. After the pain we went through I'm actually surprised that we still have tiny bit of hope. We are thinking about the surrogacy option. This is our last chance and we want to use it. Dear I wish you all the best! I hope you will find answers to your questions. I wish you to find an option which will help you to become a mother!


statneed1212 - January 17

Have menophur and ovidrel expire 06/18 if interested contact me please


MaryAnn - March 27

Let me support you, adney. I agree that there’s nothing worst than being infertile. I definitely feel your pain. What is the reason of your infertility? As far as I know, most infertile women give birth with the help of IVF. Others go for surrogacy. Have you been thinking of these options? Medicine is so developed nowadays. Doctors offer all possible solutions to help infertile women. I think you should visit a couple of reproduction centers to find out more details. It is very important not to give up. Keep trying and I’m sure you will succeed soon, dear. You should be blessed with a baby. You will be a great mom. Good luck!


wellspringivf - June 13

Really sorry to hear that, I would say stay strong and positive about the problems you are facing. Secondly, don't loose hope and nothing is impossible. With advanced medical technology and Fertility experts you can become mother by IVF and surrogacy process, you just need to visit the best fertility clinic. Diagnose the real problem of having so many miscarriages and take treatment accordingly. Don't come to conclusion and don't get disheartened consult a fertility expert. Miracles do happen, stay positive.


Courtney137 - August 21

Greetings everyone, I am really sorry about your situation dear but it's been watched that there are as of now various responses for unprofitability, which consolidate surrogacy and IVF as the most secure and successful ones. People who are encountering this time of life should not lose trust in light of the fact that there is an office in Europe offering these strategies with a high accomplishment rate. You can look for them on the web. Various people are content with their organizations.



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