Inferitilty concerns
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GoldenChild - December 1

What are the signs of infertility? Because for certain reasons I'm thinking I may be having trouble with conceiving...About 7 months ago I had an abortion and I'm now concerned that when I try to get pregnant, I will have issues. Does anyone have any input or suggestions?


star_4_baby - December 6

Hi i think if you got prego once than you should not be worried about infertility...but do get yourself eximined for PCOS which increses the chances of a miscarage.....also get you harmones checked and good luck


Isabel99 - October 14

Hi there! Here are some signs of infertility.

1. Irregular menstrual cycles
2. Pelvic infection.
3. Endocrine dysfunction
4. Miscarriages
6. Uterine Fibroids
7. Endometriosis
Are you experiencing any of these?
If you had abortion due to some medical reasons, then probability of those reasons to occur again are high that puts the child and mother on high risk. It is best to discuss pregnancy after abortion individually with the gynecologist or obstetrician for your safety. Good luck!


Isabelmason - October 15

I am Isabel, from Canada. I had ovarian cancer. What's more, because of that, I lost to have any child for the rest of my life. It feels like I have been paralyzed and could not even smile for that day. Every single moment of my life could not pass without thinking of this physical pain. My anxiety is increasing day by day. I could not further work on it. This also leads me to two broken marriages. My third husband loves me so much. He and I, want to have a child of us. This has almost killed me internally and physically. Since that day I have been suffering from mental illness. I cry day by day since I am living with this infertility. Today my wish is no happiness of the world but to have my very own child. But I know that it will always be a desire which could not become a reality.



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