I'm freaking out! I dont think this is the right way! IUI
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wtksblondie104 - April 6

Hi, I'm brand new at this. I'm 33, with my girlfriend for 6 years now, and trying to have a baby. I have PCOS, brain tumor, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, borderline pre diabetic, and pretty well over 200 pounds, but under 250. I know I have a lot going against me, but I am going to fight for my right to have a child of my own.

I have so far been given progesterone to help me start a cycle in March. Which I did. March 2nd, and it lasted 10 days. I then started another cycle March 23rd which was very dark brown and strange, but it was there.

I had the dye test, and was given the ok that tubes are open and all is clear.

Then I had surgery from my RE to remove polyps, and for a hysteroscopy. That went well too. I have also started a diabetic diet, lost a few pounds, quit smoking, and my blood pressure and blood sugar almost dropped in half.

All is good. However, now today at my post op visit, the Dr told me that I am not going to be given clomid, or an HSG trigget shot, or any of that. He said we are going to wait and see if I have a cycle on my own, and when my home ovulation kit tests positive, they will call me in for the insemination.

They aren't going to monitor the folicles, give me the shot, or give me progesteron again. I am just basically being left to do this all by hoping my body does it on it's own.

I haven't had a period for a long time (besides off and on) due to my brain tumor sitting on the pituitary gland, and the PCOS. I dont feel comfortable knowing that now we aren't going to do ultrasounds to make sure there is a good egg, or anything..

Should I call him and say No I want to do the clomid, shot, and monitoring? I just ordered the donor vial, and it cost me $840. I can't afford for this fail a few times. And I know IUI is already a low success rate. Any feedback? I'm an emotional basket case.


hoping4ababysoon - April 12

i also have PCOS my dr put me on metformin and clomid 50mlg that didnt work so the next month we did clomid 150mlg that didnt work so this month im doing metformin and femara then waiting to see if i ovulate using a home opk if i do i have to take the HCG trigger shot and then go for my iui the next day. i am also very confused and nervous but i know how you feel.


Amber456 - November 22

Hello. So sorry to hear about all you're going through. I hope things get easier for you. Clomid doesn't always work. That might be why your doc didn't prescribe it. However, just sitting around and waiting isn't the best idea either. I would suggest getting a second opinion. Ask some other doctor what they would suggest to someone in your condition.


natalika2017 - November 29

Good afternoon ! I was very touched by your problem. I re-read this post even twice. You have a very strong character. You are very eager for your goal. Of course, you have many diseases. It's good that you have a girlfriend who supports you. Six years you are fighting for your happiness. You have suffered many problems and the birth of a child should be your reward. You did not think about adoption?
You can adopt a child and try to give birth to another. This case is suitable so that time will not be wasted. If your attempts are unsuccessful, then you will already have a baby. You can try surrogate motherhood. In this case, the child will be yours. In any case, which way you do not choose, I wish you good luck. Let your dreams come true and you will be healthy.


wellspringivf - July 20

I am really happy that you are giving tough fight, you will be successful in your dream. With PCOS you can get pregnant, just visit fertility expert who will give proper treatment for successful result. Patients with PCOS can adopt IVF or surrogacy treatment to have their baby.
Be stress free and positive, everything will be awesome.


EmmaJohn - August 18

Oh, God. Your story is heart-wrenching. You've been through a lot. I am very sorry to hear about you. PCOS is a very alarming situation. It brings a lot of other diseases as well. It is very hard to live with it. I think that you should give surrogacy a try. Conceiving on your own can be dangerous for you. Don't take risks. It's okay to want to a family. But look out for yourself first. I am praying for you. You'll get out of this. Bless you! x



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