I have very abnormal periods
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Gan - February 20

Plis can you recommend something that can make my periods normal,cos they once in a year therefore i cant fall pregnant but i am only 26. My doctors can see anything wrong with my hormones. what could it be?


j3ssica - June 17

once a year???treatment for irregular period isn't really necessary because this are usually caused by hormonal imbalance which easily treated.but with your case, i think you should see a doctor!!!


leonora - July 3

it's what they call a hormonal imbalance.most doctors would recommend you taking BC.you can address this issue with your gyne for a better advice on which BC is right for you.


natasha cole - January 24

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saurab015 - July 13

Your abnormal periods are because of your hormones may be you are facing unexplained infertility problem, You can try IVF and contact me if you have more questions


dazzyshahu - August 29

Hello friend. I know very well what you are feeling right now. But you need to take the step wisely and I am here to support in this condition. Your story sounds similar to me and I also had gone through such situation. Sometimes in between I also face the irregular periods which cause lots of problems in the reproductive system. But one day one of my friends suggests about the problem and I finally get the wonderful solution. I want to share the problem and solution which can be beneficial for your health and help in balancing the hormones of the body. It is true that due to the imbalance of hormones and irregular of the periods can cause the abnormal periods which lead to infertility issues. If you want to defeat the further infertility issues then you can go with the advance medical research test. Due to the improper balance diet and junk foods, female encounter the abnormal periods. Now you can easily regulate the periods and live a happily healthy life with the great suggestion.
If you want to regulate the periods then I am here help you. You just need to change your schedule and concentrate on your diet. To regulate the periods and reproductive system you can eat the high nutrients foods daily. You can add the iron rich minerals and vitamins diet in your meal which is very beneficial for all the women. To refresh the mind and soul you can go for the morning walk daily and also do yoga and meditation. It is better to avoid the pills without any kind of prescription. I hope you would like my suggestion.


Neha5 - September 14

Your period may show up earlier than expected, or not show up at all. Here are the 4 most common causes that can cause a delayed or early period thus causing an irregular menstrual cycle:

– Medication
– Stress and anxiety
– Puberty or menopause
– Hormonal birth control such as contraceptive pills or emergency contraception


Anjlina - September 17

Dear Gan, It's a hormone imbalance. As you write that once in a year....Please consult your doctor coz It is difficult to conceive naturally,there is a lady in my neighborhood she is suffering from same problem and after 10 yrs of marriage she is not able to conceive. please take medical advice as sson as possible before it is too late.


zawadipet - September 25

Dear Gan,

I thank you for having the courage to share your problem on this forum. At your age, the problem you have highlighted needs further investigation before some of us can recommend the remedy to normalize your periods. It is good that you have been to a doctor. That is a line that you should pursue to the end without ceasing. All women have approximately 500 periods in their life before reaching menopause. However, not all our menstruations are equal, some periods among many women have irregular sessions and others stop before they attain menopause. If at this point in your life the menstruations have ceased, then you need an investigation done by experts at the earliest opportunity.

Some women go become victims of premature menopause before they reach the age of 40, a condition is also known as the premature ovarian failure, it sets at the moment a woman discontinues to ovulate, and leads to infertility. Diagnosing premature-menopause takes a longer period; the diagnosis could take six months. Revisit your doctor and talk to them, let them give you their plan for handling your problem. Be positive about what you are going through, and you will soon be smiling all the way to the maternity facility. Good luck!


lauramock - September 29

hey gan, having irregular periods, no periods, or abnormal bleeding often indicates that you aren't ovulating


geqasaffis - November 4

Hi Gan, I hope you are doing fine. This is the hormonal imbalance. You should ask your doctor about the cure for it. There are medications for it. You must be taking those medicines. Another important reason that causes hormonal imbalance is the diet you are in taking. I think you need to take healthy diet in order to avoid hormonal imbalance.


lahexuddo - November 4

Well! Your period's issue is pretty much relating to the ovulation process. I think you should try concerning with another doctor. Just for another thought! Further, if this gets permanent. I mean if you're infertile. So, you should start considering other options.



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