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Tiffanie - April 12

Tomorrow I go and get an HSG done after trying for a year to get pregnant. There problems before and I know why I am getting the HSG but my doctor isn't very reliable and it took her 6 days to call me back just to schedule my HSG. I read that it supposed to be done days 7-9 I'm on 12 since she didn't think it was important enough to call me back. I'm just really worried...I just turned 20 I don't have any of my family here with me. I'm more worried about the pain? Is there any pain involved?


larna - April 17

there isnt much pain depends on your pain threshold if you relax than everything should be fine


Nikki - April 23

I had one a few weeks ago. It's not that bad after it's all over with. It feels like harsh menstrual cramps once the fluid is injected, but only lasts for a minute or less. After the prcedure is done, the pain goes. Take motrin about 45 minutes prior to the procedure to help aleviate the pain.I was very nervous, but for nothing. I have a low tolerance for pain, but if I lived through it, anyone can...


Page - May 17

I had a HSG on friday and was wondering when I would ovulate this month or when I would ge a perion


Naks - May 27

Pain is there but like serious cramps. You should do your HSG on day 9/10 and not later than that. If you set your mind for the worst, you will be surprised esp. if you have a doc who is so patient and understanding. Mine took just 7 minutes or so and was through...........About getting your periods, not sure about the rest but my p's come normally btwn 30-35 days each cycle. After the HSG, it came on day 39. I just have a feeling my cycle began again. So dont expect them on the set days as before.~~ naks



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