How long on Clomid did you finally conceive?
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Laura - June 16

Hello, I am new to this board and so happy I found it. I stopped the pill Oct. 04 and have been TTC. I had a miscarriage Feb. 7 so I did get pregnant fairly soon off the pill but I have had 1 period since the miscarriage. I had an u/s today and all looks fine. My dr. started me on Provera to start my period and Clomid 50mg on day 5 of my cycle. I was wondering how long it took some of you to get pregnant on Clomid and how long you have been ttc. I was on the pill for 7 years and if I knew it would be this tough I would of stopped it much sooner. I am 27 now and cannot wait to start a family. Thanks, Laura


Shauna - October 18

Hi Laura, I was on Clomid for 6 cycles after I had 2 m/c's. I have been unable this far to get pg. So I quit taking Clomid 3 cycles ago and now am trying to get back to normal. Good luck with everything and I hope you get pg soon.



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