Has anyone been on metformin for PCOS?
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Roxanne - November 2

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have been on metformin to help with ovulation for PCOS. Here is my story: in February I had a miscarriage and d&c. Since then, I have only had 2 periods so my doctor checked my thyroid and it turned out that I have to now take medication for that. It just decied to stop working. After that she gave me provera to start a period which worked and the next month, I got a period on my own. Nothing since then. So my doctor refered me to a specialist and I had a pelvic ultrasound and turns out I have PCOS now to top everything off. Yesterday my doctor called and I have to go in tomorrow and he is going to give me metformin to start ovulating. I am really wondering if it has worked for anyone and what the side effects are. Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank You


hi - November 4

Hi did your doctor also speak to you about Clomid?
I have read about metformin. I'm sure someone who has experience with it will reply soon.


Roxanne - November 4

Thank you. I really hope so. My doctor thinks that metformin should work fine but if I am not pregnant again in 6 months then he will add clomid. I appreciate your time.


Margaret - November 7

I was given metformin not only because I was having trouble ovulating but I had high insulin levels. I take one pill after each meal. I have been on it since June and I am still ttc. I had a miscarriage last year in October. Started trying as soon as I could and after five month went to doctor. Had blood drawn and Hysterosalpingography. The only thing was the high insulin and they put down that I had PCOS. Three times trying with Clomid and this is my first time using shots. I was now prescribed prometrium to take in three days and continue if I am pregant (helps avoid miscarriage). Since you are just starting on this road let me tell you a couple of things that I wish someone shared with me. Clomid made me cranky - more than cranky. The shots follistim were nothing, barely could feel the injection, was not as cranky but a bit emotional in general and toward the end of the cycle my breast were sore. I wish the best of luck


KellyN - November 9

Hi Roxanne! I too have PCOS. I'm not on met, but am on a similar drug - avandia. This is a diabetic drug, since PCOS is related to insulin issues, as Margaret pointed out. I am also on clomid. This will be my 4th month on the meds ttc. The first two I took a generic brand of clomid, and was very cranky, had headaches, hot flashes, and it dried up my cm. Last month I took a brand name clomid (Serophene), and the side effects were much better. Nothing but a few hot flashes, but not bad ones. Some PCOS women are able to get pg with just the metamorphin, so your doc may be wanting you to try that before you get into the other meds. Good luck!!


Kerri - November 22

Hi Roxanne.....I was Dx with PCOS in July and DH with low sperm count as well. Had HSG done, everything was fine. Tried Clomid in August....but didn't O within standard 5-10 days after last pill...went to go see RE, they did bloodwork and found high testosterone and insulin resistance so he wanted to start me on Metformin...I ended up Oing on my own on cd30 (of the same cycle that I tried the Clomid with) and we bd'd all around that time and then the next day I began taking Metformin. I will 13 weeks pregant on Friday and I'm still taking 1000mg of Metformin daily. I've seen the heartbeat twice (once at 6 weeks and once at 8.5 weeks) so I'm a believer in the Metformin. I will go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if I'll continue taking it or not. Just wanted to share some encouragement and best of luck to ya!


deb - November 23

yes i got preg. and had first child on it. I didnt have any side effects, and it really helped me!



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