Getting pregnant at 44
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Rich - November 11

My wife might be going through perimenopause. We've researched that taking Vitex Chasteberry and Red Clover Blossoms could kick start her ovulation. Are the odds good?


k - January 13

2000 to 1


iampg - November 17

i'm 48 on my first clomid, dhea, ovidrel, IUI cycle after ttc for 6 months. today i', 10 dpo and waiting to test. i'm ready for medical help. IUI isn't that costly. How much time are you willing to keep trying on your own. My RE advised that egg quality may be an issue after 40 & recommended IVF with donor eggs. have you had your sperm analysis - it's not necessarily just a woman's fertility in question. good luck!


darcy2 - November 29

You might want to look at this web site:

It is about conceiving naturally over the age of 40. She was 44 when she got pg.



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