FSH or Chlomid?
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lenka - February 7

Hi! My doctor adviced me to use FSH injection instead of Chlomid. I hope someone can answer this question for me. Doctor just sad that it is much better than Chlomid.Thank you for attention.


iampg - February 7

Brand names for FSH injectables: Pergonal, Follistim, Gonal-F, Repronex and Humegon. RE may have your age in mind, their clinic success stats, your insurage coverage or your $$ worth. How long have you been really trying on your own (bd every other day every month for a full year?) It's a very old game - to take $$ advantage from someone else's confusion. It's called capitalism! you can get pregnant if you're under 67 and willing to do IVF. hugs.


lenka - February 7

Hi again! Thank you for explanation. I notice that most of doctors does not even care, all that they sugest to do is IVF but I think that everyone should try first somethink not invasive and IVF is a last choice. I understand that for doctor is better to make over$15000for IVF than only$500 for insemination. I just do not know which one I should try first Chlomid or FSH but doctor told me that FSH is better choice. I still do not understand why???


LauraEssary - March 26

I know this is old but I'll put in my 2 cents.

Clomid only trys to confuse your glands into not producing Estrogen so your body will produce FSH on its own. However some doctors would rather take out the middle man and give FSH directly so that its guaranteed your body gets enough for your follicles to develop correctly.



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