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Elke - October 31

I am currently taking Follistrim injections...has anyone had experience with this medicine? Did you have good results. This is my first round and I dont know what to expect. I was pregnant last month without any drugs but the egg was not strong enough and the pregnancy dissolved very early. I am hoping the Follistrim will help us this month.


Margaret - November 7

I just finished my first cycle also. Good luck


Vanaseregwen - November 8

I had success with the Follistem injections. I'm due January 7th. I finially concieved on the 14th IUI attempt-11 with oral meds and 3 with the injectibles. Just follow you doctor's advice to the letter!!! I hope it works for you!!!!


Ladybug - November 20

I just went through my first IVF cycle and did use the Follistim (Pen) as part of my stimulationg meds. I did not have any adverse reactions other than when you "push down" on the pen to inject the medicine, you feel some slight soreness as the medicine is going in. The pen is harder to push down on than regular needle syringe. The area also was slightly red and slightly sore afterwards, or at least that is what I experienced. Everyone is a bit different. I've had a friend who iced the area before the injections and she said it helped. Goodluck!



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