fertility blend
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taylor - November 1

has anyone use fertility blend if yes did u get bad reactions i did


desperate - November 11

Hi Taylor, what sort of bad reactions did you have? I have just placed an order for a 3-mth supply. My period is mostly regular (28-day cycle) and i have been trying to conceive for years but it is still unsuccessful. I am thinking of trying Fertility Blend, but now feel concerned about the bad reactions you experienced.


Olivia - November 26

I used FB for about 8 days & I did not like it at all! it made my breats extremely tender & I actually think that it may have thrown off my cycle.


wannabeamom - February 19

I didn't have any reaction at all. My doctor advised against it.


happy A - February 22

Well actually Gals i came on here to let you know that i used it and i was ttc for almost 1year 1/2 and nothing and i purchased it in december took it for 11 days stopped it because i brought my own hopes down and well now i am 111/2 weeks pregnant! Baby dust to all you i really recommend this product



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