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blueangel - March 17

Was anyone disnosed with Endometritis? Can you share more information? Currently I am still not clear how I got this. I only received the call from the nurse and she told me to take the antibiotics. I will not see my doctor until next month. I called the nurse back to see if my husband needs to be tested or treated, she was not too helpful.


smp - June 15

I recently found out I may have endometriosis. Not sure if we are talking about the same thing bc you wouldn't take antibiotics for what I have. My dr thinks I have this bc of the type of pain I complain of during my cycles.


jjjenny - August 9

Hi blueangel and smp.
I did a bit of internet study of this when i found out I had endometrois. In a short and quick answer. endometrios is a tissue that is normally suppose to be shedded in menstration but when it doesn't it of course stays in the uterus and continues to grow and attaches to the walls of uterus (like a spider web) and fallopian tubes.
Yes, medication (the pill) can get help ease it if its mild and by the sound of it blueangel yours is mild, but in a case like mine, I had to have surgery. Its not a contageous desease nor is it heritage but it can cause problems with fertility depending on what stage you let it get to.
Good Luck with it. hpe you find help iwth this info,


sploge04 - December 3

Hi. I have endometriosis which was diagnosed 0ver 5 year ago. Endometriosis is where the lining of the uterus sticks to other parts of the body. The lining of your uterus gets thicker during the month ready for a pregnancy but if you dont get pregnant it falls away which is your period, if you have endometriosis the parts that stick the other parts carnt come come away which is what gives you pain & cramping when you have your period. Men carnt get it & endometriosis isnt treatable with antibiotics, its removed by lazer treatment when possible, depending on where the endometriosis is.



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