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Worried - March 3

My mom developed endometriosis after having me. She always wanted more kids but couldn't conceive. Now my husband and I are trying to conceive but are having troubles. I know that women who have endo usually have a lot of pain when they ahve their period. My periods aren't abnormally painful but I'm worried that I may have developed endo. I've also heard that sometimes the only sign that you have it is not being able to get pregnat. Is endometriosis heriditary? Is it possible that I could have it?


Sue - March 4

Hi. My aunt has it and now her daughter just found out she has it too. My cousin had no symptoms but couldn';t get pregnant. When they did the tests, she found out she had it. You should probalby get tested.


Christina - May 6

Hi my mom had it and it developed after having me, and couldnt have anymore children, now i am 29 and just diagnosed with it after surgery and i wasnt able to concieve, hopefully this helps us, and i wish you all the best!


stop endo - May 28

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K - June 2

I have endometriosis and am very upset that I will not be able to have babies. I am only 19. I had laproscopy 2 years ago and they got rid of whatever they could but I know it is back, and I still have very heavy and painful periods. Me and my bf have been talking about TTC to see what happens & I am just so scared I will not be able to get pregnant.


FrankGarza - December 30

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elizabethtimberlake - November 19

Hi there. I have read that endometriosis can be inherited. However, it is not necessary that you are suffering from the same issue like your mother. It could be any other issue. Or there might not be an issue. Sometimes, it takes longer to get pregnant even when you are not suffering from any sort of disease. You need not think by yourself. Instead of consulting a doctor would be a better option.


sophie jenner - November 19

Hey there! A colleague from my work also has it. I had no symptoms but apparently, couldn't get pregnant for some reason. It was then I decided to take the test, to my surprise I had it. You should probably take a test too.



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